PaperLab automated paper testing laboratory

Sep 18, 2012

KCL has invested in a Metso PaperLab, an automated paper testing laboratory


PaperLab is suitable for testing all grades of paper and has a wide selection of industry standard paper quality tests with automated reporting. Paper testing can now quickly, reliably and cost-effectively be carried out after the pilot run at KCL is finished.

PaperLab measures various physical and optical properties of paper

  • Basis weight (Grammage)
  • Caliber (Thickness)
  • Gloss (Tappi 75, MD, TS&BS)
  • Roughness/Smoothness (PPS 5/10/20, TS&BS)
  • Roughness/Smoothness (Bendtsen, TS&BS)
  • Porosity/Air permeance (Bendtsen)
  • Porosity/Air permeance (Gurley)
  • Tensile properties (MD and/or CD)
  • Tearing resistance (MD and/or CD)
  • Burst strength
  • Fiber orientation (Nomura ultrasonic)
  • Formation (Optical)
  • Optical properties, diffuse illumination: ISO Brightness (C/2), CIE Whiteness (D65/10), CIE L*a*b* (D65/10) etc. (TS and/or BS)

PaperLab reports measurement results in a standard Excel file format.


Further information

Ville Henttonen

+358 40 5416502

Vesa Perttilä

+358 40 8382866