4-colour Kodak Prosper Imprinting Line

Feb 10, 2014

KCL installs new 4-colour Kodak Prosper Imprinting Line

KCL will install new inkjet line, which consist of sheet feeder, 4 Kodak Prosper S-10 print heads and a dryer. New press can print both paper and paperboard, coated and uncoated materials. Sheets can pre-coated or post coated on KCL’s sheet fed offset press. This is a unique place to see how paper or paperboard work on high speed 4-colour inkjet printing.

KCL is not any more offering testing on VL 2000 press, which is a drop-on-demand technology. VL 2000 is ideal for uncoaterd paper grades, where as Prosper technology is for coated papers and paperboards. KCL will continue hybrid printing with S-10 print heads on the heatset press.

New press will be ready to print in May 2014.