KCL Rebuilds Its Pilot Paper Machine To Foam Forming Technology

Jun 29, 2015

KCL is rebuilding its pilot paper machine.  The foam forming paper machine is ready for customer trials early next year.

KCL’s foam forming pilot offers unique possibilities to develop product to its customers. KCL line is a complete paper machine which enables us to produce a real product to be converted further in processes. We can even do preproduction with small raw material need, which is very cost effective way to test customer interest prior to invest in mill scale line.

In the foam forming process air is mixed with fibers in water suspension containing a foaming agent. With the help of air paper and paperboard properties can be improved and energy saved. Very light and also heavy papers and paperboard can be made.

More information: Raimo Pollari, Pilot Plant Director, +358 40 766 6539,