KCL Optical Calibration Laboratory has been designated an Authorized Laboratory

Nov 15, 2017


KCL has been fully approved as an ISO level 3 optical calibration service laboratory, effective November 10, 2017

The standard testing methods for optical properties used in the pulp and paper industry require calibration of the testing instruments with ISO reference standards of level 3 (IR3). KCL Optical Calibration Laboratory has now been designated an Authorized Laboratory, which can supply IR3 reference standards, non-fluorescent and fluorescent paper pads, for photometric calibration. Also opaque and non-glossy white tiles can be used as a non-fluorescent IR3 reference standard. Customer’s tiles can be sent to us for cleaning and calibration. The calibration certificate includes all necessary information that is needed for calibration, inspecting and measurement of instruments.

For more information please contact:

Maiju Aikala, Development Manager, +358 (0)40 829 4563,