Up and Running - New Curtain Pilot Coating Unit

Nov 29, 2018

KCL’s new curtain coating unit has been taken successfully in operation and customer trials have been started 

KCL proudly announces that it is one of the few open access pilot scale service providers of coating trials. And not only coating, but also stock preparation, foam forming paper machine, calender, and printing presses are available in KCL’s service portfolio. Throughout the trial day and after, the trial day versatile laboratory services are available to assess and increase the value of the trial.

The new unit consists of:

  • Andritz Prime Coat Curtain
  • TSE Troller 3-layer-slide-die
  • Netzsch Type 602 deaerator
  • all other auxiliary equipment needed.

For further information or if you want to book your own curtain coating trial, please contact customer service manager Ville Henttonen, +358 40 541 6502.


Testing of Curtain Coated Material

Curtain coating results in an even surface covering of the material, often giving functionality e.g. barrier properties. The materials usually also need to be printable, convertible and preferably recyclable.

In addition to testing strength and surface, we provide multiple standard and in-house barrier methods for evaluating resistance to grease, moisture and water vapor. Coverage and evenness of the barrier is analyzed under microscope, utilizing our staining methods.

The surface energy of the material is an important indicator of printability and glueability of the coated material. Surface energy measurement is often used in trouble shooting problems in printing and converting.

Fiber based materials are most often required to be recyclable. Different testing methods are available for predicting recyclability and also re-usability of the recycled fiber material in paper or board applications.

Contact Eva Sandås, +358 40 738 7842, for assistance at planning the testing of your pilot trial material.