KCL Digester Pressure Up To 8 Bar

Jun 18, 2019

KCL continuously invests in its testing, research and development facilities. The most recent updated achievement involves CTMP.

The operating pressure of KCL digester has been raised up to 8 bar. This means that from now on we are able to reach the temperature of 170 °C in chip impregnation and chemical treatments.

Moreover, in conjunction with our versatile offering in the following process steps, such as HC-refining, thickening and even papermaking, you are able to test and demonstrate the new innovations in laboratory and pilot-scale.

KCL pilot for fiber and biomaterial processes offers an excellent environment for testing all kinds of biomaterials with the possibility to customize and upscale processes up to the demo production phase.

KCL Digester


  • Pressurized vessel, operating pressure up to 8 barVolume 4m3
  • Heating with direct steam
  • Maximum temperature 170 °C
  • Applications: chip impregnation, chemical treatments

For more information about our biomaterial processing pilots please contact Maiju Aikala, +358 40 829 4563