Barrier coating at KCL Pilot Plant – new quality measurements

Sep 4, 2019

Fiber based materials are replacing traditional plastic thus increasing demand on new barrier materials against moisture, vapor, grease and gases

Barrier coating provides many properties for paper and board such as oxygen permeability, heat resistance, grease proofing, humidity resistance, sealing properties, airtightness and aroma barrier. Paper or board materials with barrier coatings made of 100% renewable plant-based raw materials can replace conventional plastic-based packaging materials.

There are numerous of end use applications in the food and liquid packaging markets where renewable plastic-free barrier coated fiber products could be used.

Coating units

The KCL Pilot Coater provides realistic conditions to test all kinds of barrier products with several different coating technologies such as:

  •  Jet coating
  •  Roll application 
  •  Film press
  •  SDTA coating
  • Curtain coating
  • Spray coating

Coatings can be metered with a blade or rod and also with a stiff or bent blade. Due to a low volume of machine circulation, the minimum necessity of test coatings is only 150-200 liters.

The drying profile, web temperature and reeling temperature are monitored and can be controlled. After the last dryer, the KCL Pilot Coater has a cooling unit to prevent undesired blocking caused by too high reel temperature.

Customers can produce samples for laboratory testing or full reels for further testing.

New quality measurement system

Many barrier coating formulations are not accurately measurable by conventional online coat weight quality measurement systems based on ash content. Therefore KCL has invested in a new quality measurement system. Coat weights are controlled by calculating the grammage difference between unwinder and rewinder. Thus enabling the control coat weight accurately with various types of coating materials.

For further information or if you want to book your own barrier coating trial, please contact Customer Service Manager Ville Henttonen, +358 40 541 6502.