A platform for enhancing pulp, paper and board properties

May 15, 2020

Our laboratory has a world-class portfolio of testing and analyses capabilities. 

For planning the testing and analyses of your materials, our expertise can be fully utilized and the value of the results acquired can substantially benefit your products.

The KCL Laboratory complements KCL’s Pilot services in supporting further development of your products and processes. The KCL laboratory offer simulation of mill refining, troubleshooting analyses and testing of pulp, paper and packaging.

The Voith refiner is a modern laboratory refiner with excellent possibilities to simulate mill refining. The refining conditions can be chosen to correspond to mill refiners, providing excellent opportunities for optimizing mill refining of different types of pulps. We have several conical and disk fillings available. That said, we have fillings for refining hardwood or soft wood and fillings for producing “nano” fibers. The Voith refiner is ideal for quality control or benchmarking different pulp grades at realistic mill-like refining conditions with true net energy consumption.

The combination of the Voith refiner and our sheet formers, the conventional and the dynamic sheet formers, provides you a platform for making furnish optimizations for different paper and board purposes.

Benchmarking of various paper and board products can be made accordingly. For example, the fiber or pulp type composition can easily be analyzed. We offer you a wide competence base for testing paper, packaging materials and printing properties. We support customers in developing and enhancing their existing products and introducing totally new end-products based on biomaterials.

For more information please contact Eva Sandås