Biomaterials processing

Jan 18, 2021

KCL pilot for fiber and biomaterial processes offers an excellent environment for testing all kinds of biomaterials. We continuously develop our process and services based on customer requirements.

Our digester has been updated by raising the operating pressure up to 8 bar. This means that we are able to reach the temperature of 170 °C in chemical treatments. Moreover, we have renewed the raw material feeding equipment by installing conveyor belts side by side with the feeding screws. The conveyor belts enables us to process materials that cannot be moved with screws, such as chemical pulp, recycled materials e.g. textiles, and agricultural residue. The feeding screws can be still used for feeding wood chips and other similar material.

After the chemical treatment we are able to collect both the liquid phase and the solid phase for further processing. KCL stock preparation system offers a variety of chests and thickening equipment for further processing of the material, but you can also bring your own or your partner’s pilot equipment that can be attached to our processes and operated in-line with our equipment.