KCL Calender is designed to meet the demands of most challenging and modern calendering trials. At KCL an entire process called Multical has been constructed around calendering trials. Multical process starts by setting the targets with the customer resulting with an in-depth analysis of the findings obtained.

Multical is used for evaluation of paper and raw material potential and also to evaluate the effects of different calendering variables. Multical can be used both for finishing purposes after a coating or papermaking trial and also for R&D purposes in specially designed calendering trials.

MULTICAL optiload/supercalender

Nips: 1-12
Speed, max):                           200-2500 m/min
Temperature, max:     200 C
Line load, max:        550 kN/m



  • Complies with almost all present calendering methods
  • Offers the right scale and scope
  • Located in a humidity and temperature controlled environment
  • Part of pilot services as well as analysis and expert services

Calendered paper can be winded or sheeted for printing trials and samples can be cut for laboratory analyses at KCL laboratory.


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