KCL's paper machine and pilot coater online calenders can be used for both online and offline calendering trials. Both calenders are connected to the KCL data acquisition system.

Pilot Paper Machine online calender (hard-hard)

Nips: 1-3
Speed, online/offline, max):  120/600 m/min
Temperature, max:     90 C
Line load, max:        55 kN/m

Pilot Coater online calendar (soft-hard)

Nips:   1-2
Speed, max: 1400 m/min
Temperature, max: 250 C
Line load, max:  300 kN/m

Target values for calendered paper can be obtained by running calibration tests in the beginning of calendaring trial and measuring values in KCL paper laboratory. Calendered paper can be winded or sheeted for printing trials and samples can be cut for laboratory analyses at KCL laboratory.


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