Print quality TESTING

We provide print quality evaluations from various printed samples e.g. commercial prints, pilot scale prints and laboratory samples. Through our testing services you can find out more about print quality and paper properties which you can utilize and adapt to your product development. The printability of papers and boards can, in laboratory scale, be studied with different methods on the laboratory printing machine (IGT-AIC2-5).

Available print quality analyses

  • Print density
  • Print color (CIELAB L*,a*,b*)
  • Dot gain
  • Relative contrast
  • Print gloss
  • Trapping
  • Print through
  • Show through
  • Set off
  • Dust tapes
  • Print roughness (PPS)
  • Mottling (print uneveness, PapEye software)
  • IGT surface strength



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