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Manufacturing processes and product quality are typically monitored, assessed and controlled by various measurements. In order to get products with uniform quality, it is important to yield reliable and consistent results with the instruments used in those measurements. KCL Laboratory offers you reference materials for calibration, and tools for the quality assurance of paper and board testing devices.

Continuous monitoring coupled with the maintenance of the measuring instruments ensures your product qualities within the parameters, specifications and target levels.

The following services are available:

  • CEPI Comparative Testing Service
  • Reference Sample Service
  • Calibration Service for Optical Instruments 


CEPI Comparative Testing Service

The CEPI-CTS is an efficient and effective tool for ensuring that your procedures and equipment for pulp, paper and board testing give you accurate and reliable results. The CEPI-CTS continues to evolve and today it consists of more than 80 different testing methods.

The comparative testing program covers most strength, structural, surface and optical properties of paper and board. From these, you can select the properties of relevance and importance for you.

You receive paper samples with reference values and corresponding action limits. Based on your own testing of these samples, you can immediately compare and conclude whether your testing procedures are correct and the results reliable.

The final report shows you how your results compare to the general level of other European testing results. The comparison results can also be used to demonstrate the body accrediting or certifying your quality assurance system, that your testing procedure provides acknowledged and accepted results.

KCL Laboratory operates both as a Qualified Laboratory for several properties and as one of the Distributing Laboratories, which is able to supply you the needed and necessary sample material. The comparison samples are provided bi-annually.


Reference Sample Service

KCL Laboratory supply reference samples for checking the performance of physical testing instruments for paper and board. The reference papers are test pieces cut from paper of uniform quality and are supplied together with results measured within our testing laboratory and facilities.

Because of the short turnaround time, the reference samples are quick and practical troubleshooting tools in relation to trying to assess and identify probable causes for instrument malfunctions. They can also be used for checking and calibrating newly acquired instruments.


Calibration Service for Optical Instruments

The standard testing methods for optical properties used in the pulp and paper industry require calibration of the testing laboratory's instrument with ISO reference standards of level 3 (IR3).By using the reference standards supplied by an authorized laboratory your optical instrument fulfills the requirements of these standards.


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