Labmade paper

Papermaking and fibers

Papermaking today is facing both challenges and opportunities from many directions. The evolving raw material base, changing customer needs and advances in technology continue to reshape the industry. At KCL we can offer you a wide competence base to help you in renewing your papermaking processes and improve your production efficiencies.

By tapping into our expertise in furnishes, we can help customers develop new paper or board grades, improve paper web runnability, and optimize both paper structures and furnish compositions to reduce overall costs.

Our equipment provides an excellent laboratory scale testing platform for fillers, fibers or new papermaking raw-materials. Our experienced laboratory staff also has expertise in manufacturing sheets from different fiber fractions.

Our papermaking methods utilize a standard or dynamic sheet former resulting in orientated fibers in paper. The retention level of the dynamic sheet former is excellent, therefore it is well suited for making paper containing filler or micro fibers. It is also possible to produce multi-layer paper or board in the dynamic sheet former.

The paper can be calendered in laboratory scale. We also provide print testing and are capable of offering full scale testing in our commercial sized sheet fed offset printing machine.

The operating parameters of the dynamic sheet former

Wire speed (adjustable 800-1500 m/min)
Shower speed (adjustable with pressure)
Orientation degree (set by wire speed-shower speed ratio)
Size of the paper sheet (0.20 m2, 900mm x 215mm)
Possible grammage range (20-800 g/m²)


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