Refining and TESTING OF pulp

Some of the most vital stages prior to paper making are the refining and stock preparation phases. The whole paper making potential of the raw materials should be taken into use with minimum amount of energy consumed.

At KCL, we offer our customers lab scale LC-refining of chemical, recycled, mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulps. We simulate mill refining in laboratory scale. Based on known fiber properties and fractional composition, our knowledge coupled with our experts in refining are able to recommend the most appropriate refining conditions for specific pulps or a specific end product. Onsite KCL has a Voith Labrefiner with several different fillings available and a PFI mill.

We offer physical testing, quality control and benchmarking of pulp, refining of different pulps and the testing of mill trial pulp samples. If needed, we can assist in collecting samples for testing at mill sites. Our equipment also enables production of very long refined micro-size fibers and provides a solid platform for testing of different refining aids and enzymes.

We have also developed in-house specialized measurement methods for the characterization of furnish components where e.g. microscopy techniques are being utilized. Our experts provide analyses planning and detailed interpretation of the results obtained from the measurements.

  • Wet/hot disintegration
  • Drainability, CSF
  • Drainability, SR number
  • Water retention value, WRV
  • Fiber length distribution and coarseness
  • Ash 525 and 900 C
  • pH and conductivity
  • Z potential
  • Charge (Mutek)
  • Carbonate content
  • Alkali reserve
  • Pulmac, Sommerville and PFI mini shives
  • McNett fractionation
  • Preparation of laboratory sheets with and without recirculated white water
  • Dynamic sheet-forming (DSF)
  • Other pulp characterization methods also available Pulp testing



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