Inkjet printing

KCL has invested in building a world-class testing and research environment for the inkjet printing. The investments combined with the expertise in printing, paper and paper coating technologies as well as end-use research makes KCL a unique service supplier for the whole value chain of print media and packaging.

The target at KCL is to increase the development of inkjet by offering facilities and competence to different industry players. KCL´s unique skills and facilities enable the company to create consortia of suppliers and end- users with benefits such as:

  • To evaluate market potential, print quality and runnability of existing grades for high resolution inkjet
  • To develop new products for the growing high quality inkjet market ·to solve specific troubleshooting cases in inkjet printing
  • To benchmark competitors against own quality
  • To generate instructions for print houses how to use substrate on inkjet press
  • To qualify certain combinations of substrate, ink and print heads


KCL Inkjet environment consists of two inkjet printing lines:

  • 4-color Kodak Prosper Imprinting Line, which consist of sheet feeder, 4 continuos ink jet technology S-10 print heads and a dryer. New press can print both paper and paperboard, coated and uncoated materials. Sheets can pre-coated or post coated on KCL’s sheet fed offset press. This inkjet line is an excellent machine to test how paper or paperboard work on high speed 4-colour inkjet printing. New press will be ready to print in May 2014.
  • Two Prosper S10 print heads are also integrated to our existing heatset press. This allows you to conduct hybrid production testing.



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