Pre-press Services

In the KCL pre-press services we create new test layouts or modify existing ones, according to customer’s specific needs.

Despite of numerous already existing KCL trial print layouts, every now and then there arises a need to create new layouts or to modify existing ones. This is why we offer KCL pre-press services.

KCL pre-press services include the following tools and processes:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard software
    • Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for making layouts
    • PDF handling with Acrobat X Pro
  • Layout making according to customer’s specific needs
    • Logo’s and print quality elements, e.g. images, full-tone and halftone areas etc.
    • Different screen rulings
    • Stochastic Staccato screenings and normal screenings
    • Correct icc-profiles for the images
  • Plate curves modifications
  • Prienergy EVO work flow
  • Preps imposition software
  • Modern CTP plate-making using thermal plates and Kodak Trendsetter 400 III Quantum V plate setter



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