Sheet-fed Offset Printing

KCL’s Heidelberg Speedmaster CD-74 sheet-fed offset press is used for testing sheeted paper and board grades.

KCL sheet-fed offset (SFO) test printing methods provide quick and reliable tools for studying differences in trial points and compared to references. SFO machine construction corresponds with the technologies of commercial print house, being simultaneously very flexible for trial specific modifications. For example inks, varnishes, print layouts, varnishing rollers, as well as numerous running parameters can be adjusted according to different target settings.

KCL SFO test printing methods

  • 4-color print quality (traditional-, UV- and hybrid inks)
  • Varnishing quality and required varnish amount (UV-, dispersion varnishes, also varnishes for food packaging materials)
  • Mottling
  • Piling
  • Picking
  • Dusting
  • Setoff
  • Delamination 

On the anilox rolls of the varnishing unit we can also apply special surface treatment materials, such as heat sealable emulsion coatings, light barrier coatings and other functional surface chemicals. On top of that the varnishing unit can be equipped with one-color flexo printing plates.

During the trial, the customer is able to get immediate view on the printability and print quality and discuss with our skilled printing personnel. After the trial print quality can be analyzed at KCL laboratory using standard print quality measurements as well as several special measurements.

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