Uninterrupted services at KCL

We at KCL have adapted to be able to continue to provide our services as normal as possible, albeit taking all necessary precautions during these challenging times of social distancing etc.

We have modified our services to meet your needs without impacting testing and analyses services. To ensure a continuous flow of information during pilot trials, we offer a remote video stream connection and a number of mobile cameras that can be placed on commonly agreed locations in the process. Communication between you, the customer and trial staff, is organized via a trial specific Microsoft Teams platform.
Regarding customer visits please be in contact with your customer service managers. We naturally are obliged to follow the local travel and gatherings recommendations and guidelines continuously and adjust accordingly.

Ville Henttonen +358 40541 6502
Mikko Mensonen +358 40522 6005
Eva Sandås +358 40738 7842