Pilot trial Services

Contract manufacturing - Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and cellulose nanofibers (CNF)

Novel bio-based materials

KCL has an extensive experience in nanocellulose materials and we can design materials that fulfil the end-users requirements in various applications.

In addition to our own KCL MFC and CNF materials, we can now offer R&D services related to these fascinating novel materials.



For initial screening purposes we can produce well defined MFC/CNF materials in lab/pilot scale as tailored batches with almost any composition: TEMPO oxidized, sulphated, phosphorylated, cationized, oxidized, enzymatically treated, or purely mechanically fibrillated. The products can be extremely well fibrillated to elementary fibril level or left coarser fibers.

Fibrillation can be conducted with several techniques: (1) in laboratory scale with GEA homogenizer, (2) in small pilot scale with Voith refiner, (3) and in large production scale with Valmet conical Optifiner RF-1 or ATREX mill. Depending on the fibrillation technique, different concentration of the end-product can be achieved, typically from 2% to 25% solids.

For customer projects, full OPEX analysis of the production of specified product can be conducted as well as supporting applications studies for example in strength development in paper&board or coating studies in lab/pilot scale. For large scale mill trials, we can produce enough materials for extensive testing, either in big bags or as a bulk delivery in slurry form.

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