Pilot trial Services

Fiber processing platform

All piloting needs under one roof, from laboratory to full scale pilot

KCL’s piloting services are well versed in developing new processes, scaling up existing processes, producing materials as a service, introducing new raw materials, optimising plant operations and piloting new technologies.  


We are here to help you through the process development, scale-up or pre-industrial material production phases or High TRL projects. KCL has a proven track record of accelerating technology start-ups, SMEs and industrial companies to commercial scale industrial processes and facilities. We participate in wider projects as a service provider. We house a wide range of pilot and laboratory scale equipment.

Co-operation opportunities:


High- and low-consistency refiners supported with mass system, digester, and stock preparation to achieve successful refining results.

Crushing, milling and mixing

High-capacity material production for demonstrations, pre-treatment of materials for further treatment controlled environment to test different energy levels for mechanical treatment.

Chemical treatment

KCL has equipment to perform wide variety of chemical treatments and biomass purification projects in pilot-scale. We offer pressurized and atmospheric conditions in high capacity. In conjunction to our mass system, wide variety of treatments and processes are possible.


KCL has extensive experience in biomass purification through extraction methods with different solvent systems. Typical extraction methods would be countercurrent, CO2 extraction, hot-water extraction, and solvent extraction.


KCL has filtration experience from wide variety of process liquids. Filtration in different conditions, screening of membranes, customizing filtration setups and producing samples for testing.

Foam forming paper machine

KCL has a complete foam forming paper machine setup to serve your material testing and production needs. We have performed recipe optimization, operational optimization, product development studies and much more. We can prepare stock for the paper machine trials with additives, pulp mixtures, or even refine the pulp prior the paper machine.


We have equipments to dry, rough, pack, mix, heat, chill, store, improve shelf life or press materials. Be in contact without any hesitation.

Risto Hertzberg
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