Laboratory Services

Calibration services

Assortment of methods and accredited testing

KCL Laboratory provides reference materials for calibration and tools for the quality assurance of paper and board testing devices

Continuous monitoring coupled with the maintenance of the measuring instruments ensures your product qualities within the parameters, specifications and target levels.

CEPI Comparative Testing Service

The CEPI-CTS is an efficient tool for ensuring that your procedures and equipment for pulp, paper and board testing give you accurate and reliable results. The comparative testing program incorporates the strength, structural, surface and optical properties of paper and board. These comparison samples are provided on a bi-annual basis.

Calibration Service for Optical Instruments

The standard testing methods for optical properties used in the pulp and paper industry require calibration of the testing laboratory’s instrument with ISO reference standards of level 3 (IR3). By using the reference standards supplied by an authorized laboratory your optical instrument fulfills and covers the requirements of these standards.

Reference Sample Service

KCL Laboratory provide the important reference samples for checking the performance of physical testing instruments for paper and board. The reference samples are supplied together with results measured within our testing laboratory and facilities.

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