Laboratory Services

Treatment & testing of pulp

Services that create new and sustainable bio-based products

Fine tuning the properties of fibres

Enzymes can be used to promote refining, for example to decrease energy requirement in refining or develop fiber properties (amount of fines, fibre length, energy requirement). In papermaking enzymes can improve drainability or reduce extractives and stickies.

We also test fillers, different furnishes, paper chemicals and biochemicals in papermaking. Target can be improvement of formation and strength, hydrophobating, strength or stiffness agents, also developing special characteristics of paper. We are also able to make multilayer board and can thus help in improving structure of board.

Wide range of pulp characterization analysis

  • Drainability, CSF
  • Drainability, SR number
  • Water retention value, WRV
  • Microscopy fiber characterization
  • Fiber length distribution
  • Zeta potential
  • Shives content
  • McNett fractionation
  • Sheet preparation
  • Extractives content
  • In addition to standard testing methods, we have developed a broad variety of in-house staining and microscopy techniques. Our experts assist with analysis planning and provide detailed interpretation of the measurement results.

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