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KCL Microfibrillated cellulose

Novel bio-based materials

We know nanocellulose - KCL has an extensive experience in nanocellulose materials and our MFC is carefully designed to fulfil the requirements of various applications.

KCL Microfibrillated cellulose is made of industrial agro sidestream, sugar beet pulp, a side product from sugar industry. After removing lignin and hemicellulose, the raw material is fibrillated with purely mechanical means yielding microfibrillar cellulose like wood-based analogues. The overall process is energy efficient and is having a low carbon footprint.

KCL MFC can be used to increase strength and stiffness of paper products creating substantial savings in material usage in the production. Alternatively, MFC can be used as natural binder in coating formulations replacing synthetic latexes and other barrier materials.

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