Pilot trial Services

Full scale pilot coating

Verification of the coating formulations under industrual scale production conditions

After initial assessments, coating colour formulations can be evaluated under full-scale production conditions. At KCL, we offer a versatile pilot dispersion coating line equipped with all common application stations, including a film size press, roll and jet application, spray coating and curtain coating. Typically, approximately 200 litres of coating colour per formulation is used during a full-scale pilot trial.

Film transfer

The film transfer unit is typically used for surface sizing and pigmentation.

Combi station

The modular combi station is customised to meet the specific requirements of the surface coating layers.

Curtain coating

The 3-layer slide die or 1-layer slot die curtain coaters are perfect tools for applying functional coatings to the web.

Spray coating

Spray coating bars with multiple nozzle size options can be installed in various positions on the pilot coating line.

Advanced on-line measurement equipments guarantees the reliability of the trials for a wide range of base papers and coating colors. Coated paper reels can be calendered and printed at KCL. Moreover, KCL has two winders, guillotine and sheet cutters for paper sample cutting after the trial. The measurement service for coating color and paper covers all standard measurements including several specialized measurements.

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