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Barrier testing

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Barrier properties testing

We offer a comprehensive assortment of tests designed to evaluate the barrier properties of various materials. Our testing includes sorption properties such as water absorbency (Cobb) and oil absorbency (Cobb-Unger) assessments, along with specialized tests such as the Hercules ink absorption test. We also measure the transmission rates of water vapor (WVTR), hexane (HVTR), and gases like oxygen (Mocon OXTRAN 2/12R) and carbon dioxide, in partnership with Tampere University.

Our methods for determining the grease barrier properties of materials include various methods such as nozzle applicator to measure oil absorbency and assessing grease penetration rates in accordance with ASTM F 119 standards. Our testing for grease resistance includes ISO 16532-1 and the KIT method (Tappi T 559) and extends to specific applications such as grease resistance of pet food packaging.

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