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Chemical Analysis

Services that create new and sustainable bio-based products

KCL Laboratory services supports your research activities by providing analysis of carbohydrate, lignin and extractives

We provide carbohydrates, lignin (both Klason and acid-soluble) and extractives analysis from different biomaterials like wood, pulp, non-woods and other lignocellulosic materials.  The methods used at KCL are suitable for bleaching effluents or process waters as well.

We also measure carbohydrates, lignin and polysaccharides from black liquor samples.

A large variety of gravimetric and titrimetric analyses available

Analyzes from black liquor
Analyzes from green and white liquor

We also offer various analyses of other process liquors (effluents, soap and tall oil) and solid recovery samples like lime and esp ash.

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Kaarina Fagerholm
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Jenni Sipi
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