Delamination during printing or converting

Delamination is a typical problem in the printing and converting of carton board.

KCL has collected a set of laboratory measurements that, together with a sheet fed offset printing trial, can diagnose the specific problems related to delamination. 

The printing part of the analysis is done on the KCL Sheet Fed Offset printing machine using high tack inks and a specific delamination printing trial mode and print layout. The aim of the trial mode is to direct strong wearing impact on the carton surface to intensify the delamination effect. 

A panel of experts rank the samples visually from least to most delamination. Besides the visual analysis the samples are tested for internal bonding strength (Scott Bond) and z-directional tensile strength measurements. 

We recommend the KCL delamination analysis tool for example in handling complaints or for comparing different pilot or mill trial points to references. 

For more information please contact Mikko Mensonen, +358 40 522 6005 or Eva Sandås, +358 40 738 7842