Recyclability is as important as the other properties of a material

Due to the single-use plastic EU directives more and more single-use plastic products are replaced with fiber-based products. These fiber-based products need to be recyclable as the aim in Europe is to raise the overall recycling rate of fiber-based packaging to 90% by 2030.

To optimize recycling properties of a material, the development of the packaging material is as important as the final processing after the use of the package. To test recyclability of materials or packaging there are several laboratory methods available simulating different processes in industrial scale fiber recycling.

KCL together with multiple actors from the entire paper value chain is participating in the development of the CEPI European harmonized recyclability testing method. The CEPI recyclability laboratory test method has just been released and its recyclability evaluation protocol will soon be released.

In addition to the other available testing methods on recyclability we can now also offer testing in accordance with the CEPI method.

Eva Sandås will help you choose the right method for your fiber-based material.