Pilot trial Services


Comprehensive printing house at your service

KCL is now offering high quality 8-color flexo printing trial services for packaging paper and board customers

KCL flexo test printing service provides a desired replenishment for examining printability of packaging paper and board substrates.

The 8-color reel fed flexo machine (Fischer & Krecke Flexpress 6S) corresponds to the newest technologies used in commercial print houses, while simultaneously being very flexible for trial modifications. For example, print layout, ink type, ink viscosity, anilox rolls, printing plates as well as numerous running parameters can be adjusted in accordance with different materials and target settings.

During the trial, the customer is able to get immediate visual feedback on the printability and print quality while analyzing together with the KCL’s skilled experts. Advanced high-quality video camera monitoring, audio connection and a chat box can be implemented in accordance with the customer’s convenience. After the trial, print quality can be analyzed at KCL laboratory using standard print quality measurements as well as several specialized measurements.

Mikko Mensonen
Head of Printing Services
Tel. +358 40 522 6005